PassCrypt provides password security through decentralized managing

Our Mission

PassCrypt is a decentralized platform that safely and securely stores your passwords. When software manages your passwords for you, having to remember each of them is no longer a necessity, and you are free to generate highly complex passwords for every site you use. PassCrypt is more secure than other password managers, given its decentralized nature. In a world where data security is of vital importance and more essential than ever before, PassCrypt is an essential tool for everyone.

Our Prized Features

Highest Security

We encrypt your passwords using industry-grade cryptography.

100% Uptime

We guarantee constant up-time and availability through the blockchain.


We constantly scan the Internet to inform you of breached passwords.


We provide customer support and complete transparency with our software.

Getting Started

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Meet the Team

Colin Small

Front-end developer

Dylan Wheeler

Front-end developer

Brandon Bryant

Back-end developer

Angela Tidd

Business development